Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Tim John Blake, a freelance photographer, video producer and website designer from beautiful Perth, Western Australia. Having been involved in film & web design for almost 10 years. I have had the amazing honour of working with some incredible clients on some awesome projects both in Australia & overseas.

As a child I remember stealing my parents camera and running around the house taking photos of absolutely everything you could imagine, as a teenage I started to fall in love with movies, not the final product of the movies but the creation process, from a pen and paper all the way to a final product. It then started from taking photos with my parents camera to now making videos with the cameras and posting them on youtube (which shall never be seen again).

Although my style and technical skills have drastically improved the same passion and love is there, no matter what the project I always get exciting about taking on a new project, creating something new! If you are wanting to get into contact me with to find out if I can assist you with a new project simply head to the contact section of this page below. If you are wanting to see my previous work please click here to head over to my blog.



Photography / Film / Web Design

What I do

The term freelancer can be thrown around a bit so I decided it is best to go through and simply list out what services I am able to offer. So here we go:

– Portrait & Engagement photography
– Architectural Photography
– Wedding Photography
– Family Photography
– Maternity & Newborn Photography

– Corporate & Training Videos
– Wedding Videos
– Music Videos
– Lifestyle Videos
– Animation

Website Design:
– Website Design
– Website Production
– Website Reconstruction
– Website Maintenance
– Wordpress Development

So there it is a simple list of what services I offer, if you are requiring to find out anymore information or if you are wanting a quote feel free to contact me with the contact information below.


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Contact Me:

I am available for local and domestic projects as well as potential employment. Use the form below to inquire about rates and available, or just to holla. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or suggest a new opportunity.