Johnson Sisters | Behind the Scenes Fashion Film

about this project

Everyone seems to have those things that they do to unwind. Some people play sports, some people watch movies, some people paint. For me, I film. Where I can just become a fly on the wall, observe and capture everything that happens. So a few months ago I had the opportunity to team up with Beckie G Photography. I was able to tag along to one of her shoots, become a fly on the wall and create a behind the scenes video.

I love tagging along on these shoots, because I find that although how much you know. There is always more to learn. More ways to improve. And more ways to become a better photographer and filmmaker. And this shoot was no exception. I learn’t so much and loved being able to team up with an awesome photographer. So make sure to check out the video I produce, as well as some of the awesome work produced by this photographer.

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