Lost in the Wonder

Lost in the Wonder

Every now and then, I read a book, hear a song, see a performance or watch a movie that just blows me away. I can’t stop thinking about it for the next few days or weeks. About how beautiful, mesmerising and all round incredible it was. How it inspires me to push myself to be a better creative.

I got that feeling last weekend when I watched The Greatest Showman with some friends. I left the cinema feeling so inspired, I wanted to go and create all those short films I had scripted up. It was a magical moment of being completely lost in the wonder of the film.

That feeling is something like nothing else, you feel so motivated, so ready to create and change the world. I believe creativity is a gift, and to let our fear of judgement stop us from sharing our work, is a disservice to all. We have been given a unique perspective, so when we are lost in the wonder. When we are inspired I believe we should create. And not only should we create, but we should share it with the world.

So to every creative out there, chase the inspiration, chase that wonder and get lost in it. Then take that wonder and create, create something which is creatively authentic to your experience.

This is a call to myself just as much as any of you, it’s time to stop waiting for the new camera before I start shooting. It’s time stop letting my obstacles hinder me from getting inspired, from creating.

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