Where do I even start with this? Tasmania. Well, I feel so lucky to be born in this place. Which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see. And every few years I get to go back, to see everything this beautiful place has to offer and visit my family. Well last month I was able to head back to Tasmania for a little short holiday and to photograph my beautiful cousins wedding in this magical land.

Before the craziness of the wedding started I was able to spend a few days exploring my home town. As well as heading down to Sandy Cape, which sits on the isolated West Coast of Tasmania. About an hour South of a place called the edge of the world, (yes it’s the isolated).

Well throughout my adventures of Tasmania I took my camera along with me for the ride to capture just a small glimpse of all the beauty that surrounded us. So I hope you enjoy the photos! And I can’t wait to share the wedding images with you as they look even more incredible!

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